Poieni-Solca Planting

The area of 4.7 hectares on which the planting was made is administered by the Solca Forest Management. The forest was cut in the 90s and because of the restitutions, the fragmentation of the property (the high number of owners in the affected area) did not allow the proper management of the land. The forest did not naturally recover and the owners lack the necessary funds for reforestation.

More than 21,000 seedlings of fir, spruce, ash, maple and alder have been planted, according to the reforestation project developed by Solca Forest Management and verified by forestry and biodiversity specialists from the University of Suceava. Solca Forest Management will supervise the completion and maintenance actions until 2023 in order to ensure the complete regeneration of the replanted forest.

On November 11, 2017, more than 100 volunteers from Rădăuţi Technical College, “Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Solca Forest Management, the local community and from the Holzindustrie Schweighofer factories in Rădăuţi and Siret contributed to the planting.

Owner: Private Forest Fund Association „Poiennița” Poieni Solca

Forest Management: Solca

Production unit: II Cacica

Landscape unit: 58E, 57F, 57A

GPS coordinates: 47°40’44.85″N, 25°50’20.75”E

Altitude: 560-770 m

Exposition: E

Inclination: 10-25°

Effective area to regenerate: 4,7 ha

Fundamental natural type of forest / resort (TP / TS): 2111/3333

The ecological group: 25 (UA 57F, 57A)

Current composition: was 9Br1Mo

Afforestation formula: UA 58E – 2Br2Mo4Fr2Ann; UA 57F – 3Br3Mo2Pam2Fr; UA 57A – 3Br3Mo1Pam3Fr

The removal moment of the forest vegetation: 1991 – 1995