Where we plant Tomorrow’s Forest in 2018

This spring, Tomorrow’s Forest is preparing the regeneration of six areas, as well as completion works for a piece of land that was reforested in spring last year. In total, we will plant approximately 142,600 seedlings.

Most of the project areas are remote, with difficult work conditions. The mobilisation of the local community and volunteers in the region will take place for the projects in Dorna Candrenilor (Suceava County) and Dumbravita (Brasov County). In the rest of cases, the work will be performed entirely by forest management units and/or specialised companies contracted by them.


Borșa, Maramures County, 10 hectares

An entire mountain side was affected by a fire in 2012 and the area was restituted to the Borsa City Hall, which doesn’t have the resources for the reforestation works. The land is within the Muntii Maramuresului Natural Park and there’s an old tailings pond in the valley.

Owner: Borșa City Hall

Forest management: Alpina Borșa

Production unit: UP II Borșa

Landscape unit: 9B

GPS coordinates: 47°42’14.00″N, 24°45’11.10″E

Altitude: 810-1150 metres

Exposition: SE

Slope: 46°

Effective area to regenerate: 10 ha

Natural type of forest/station (TP/TS): 1345/3321

Ecological group: GE 23

Reforestation formula: 80% spruce, 20% pine

Time of removal of forest vegetation: 2012


Romuli, Bistrița-Năsăud County, 8.5 hectares

The forest was taken down by wind in 2007, the area was reforested and then the plantation was destroyed by a fire in 2017.

Owner: Romuli Village Hall

Forest management: Romuli R.A.

Production unit: I Romuli

Landscape unit: 154C, 155B, 155E

GPS coordinates: 47°33’27.98″N, 24°29’23.38″E

Altitude: 1200-1400 metres

Exposition: E

Slope: 45°

Effective area to regenerate: 8.5 ha

Natural type of forest/station (TP/TS): 1111/3322

Ecological group: GE 11

Reforestation formula: 70% spruce, 30% larch

Time of removal of forest vegetation: 2017


Merești, Harghita County, 3 hectares

The case is about a weak pine forest stand, where after a cut most of the area was reforested but the regeneration was unsuccessful (seedlings with soil pods are needed). The area is in the Dealurile Homoroadelor Natura 2000 site.

Owner: Composesorat Merești – Homorodalmas Kozbirtokossag

Forest management: Zetea

Production unit: XIV Merești

Landscape unit: 72B

GPS coordinates: 46°14’28.65″N, 25°28’8.95″E

Altitude: 600-700 metres

Exposition: SV

Slope: 31°

Effective area to regenerate: 3 ha

Natural type of forest/station (TP/TS): 5131/5132

Ecological group: GE48

Reforestation formula: sessile oak, cherry, linden, elm, chestnut, crab apple, wild pear

Time of removal of forest vegetation: 2011-2014


Dorna Candrenilor, Suceava County, 2 hectares

Spruce forest in the buffer zone of the Călimani National Park where trees dried up and were taken down by wind in 2010-2016; no resources accumulated in the regeneration fund.

Owner: Anastasia Cândrea

Forest management: Dorna

Production unit: UP I Negrișoara

Landscape unit: 146 A

GPS coordinates: 47°12’58.32″N, 25°11’14.13″E

Altitude: 1380 – 1418 metres

Exposition: N

Slope: 26-32°

Effective area to regenerate: 2 ha

Natural type of forest/station (TP/TS): 1113 / 2332

Ecological group: GE 6

Reforestation formula: 80% spruce, 10% fir, 10% larch

Time of removal of forest vegetation: 2010-2016


Dumbrăvița, Brașov County, 10 hectares

The area was deforested 60 years ago to expand pastures; land use was changed back to forest and the village hall planted 16 hectares of sessile oak and ash in 2016-2017.

Owner: Dumbrăvița Village Hall

Forest management: Măieruș R.A.

Production unit: Perimetrul Forestiera Mare Vlădeni

GPS coordinates: 45°45’15.31″N, 25°19’54.33″E

Altitude: 585-610 metres

Exposition: S

Slope: 10-15°

Effective area to regenerate: 10 ha

Natural type of forest/station (TP/TS): 5314/ 5152

Reforestation formula: 60% sessile oak, 40% ash, elm, linden, cherry, beech

Time of removal of forest vegetation: 1950-1960


Belin, Covasna County, 1,4 hectares

The area was restituted as a glade and regeneration is weak, with juniper and some birch. The area is in the Munții Baraolt-Bodoc Natura 2000 site.

Owner: Zoltan Gazdag

Forest management: Tălișoara

Production unit: V Zugo

Landscape unit: 12V

GPS coordinates: 45°55’21.33″N, 25°39’37.75″E

Altitude: 860 metres

Exposition: NV

Slope: 10°

Effective area to regenerate: 1,4 ha

Natural type of forest/station (TP/TS): 4141/4332

Ecological group: GE 29

Reforestation formula: 80% spruce, 10% beech, 10% ash

Time of removal of forest vegetation: >5 years