Belin Planting

The surface has been returned as a meadow and the regeneration was poor, with juniper and a bit of birch. The surface is in the Natura 2000 Baraolt-Bodoc Mountains.

At the end of April 2018, 7,000 spruce, beech and ash seedlings have been planted.

Owner: Zoltan Gazdag
Forest management: Tălişoara
Production unit: V Zugo
Layout unit: 12V
Coordinates: 45 ° 55’21.33 “N, 25 ° 39’37.75” E
Altitude: 860 m
Exposition: NV
Slope: 10 °
Effective area to regenerate: 1.4 ha
Natural type of forest/station (TP / TS): 4141/4332
Ecological Group: GE 29
Reforestation formula: 8 spurce 1 beech, 1 ash
Time of removal of forest vegetation:> 5 years