Nature gives us air. It’s time to offer something in return.

When we have started “Tomorrow’s Forest” project, we did it fully aware of the importance and impact it will have on our lives and, above all, on future generations. Obviously, this did not happen overnight, but the million seedlings which will be planted and perhaps, more importantly, the awareness and education campaign that we started with the first works will contribute in the best way to forming a consciousness shaped to protect the environment and the nature.

Through “Nature gives us everything”, we want to attract more attention than ever before that only by protecting and taking care of nature we can improve the quality of life for future generations and also for ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why we often feel the need to go out, to get some fresh air? What are the benefits of a walk through the forest, on the mountain or even in the neighborhood park? What kind of magical tricks does nature have which allows it to make us feel so good and remove any discomfort? Well, if you don’t know already, you can learn that a tour or maybe two (a few miles) through a forest or an alley of a park bring true wonders for our health. Not to mention the pure mountain air…

Long walks in the shade of trees rebuild our energy levels and increase our work capacity. According to specialized publications, this type of activity reduces stress, improves sleep and minimizes the effects of depression. Moreover, the trees contain phytonutrients, substances that help the immune system to fight viruses and bacteria. Moreover, when we go to the mountain, although breathing is normal, we oxygenate more intensely because of the high oxygen levels in the air. This enhances our state of well-being.

As we know, trees absorb carbon dioxide, which helps them grow, and release the necessary oxygen so that we can breathe. This means that almost half of the dry mass of a tree is carbon. In 80 years, some trees can end up consuming even 200 kilograms of CO2.

We can conclude that nature is the center of our lives. It offers us the air we breathe and the place where the water we drink is filtered. It is a medicine for everyone: it nourishes us, heals us and makes our lives better. Nature gives us everything and that’s why it’s time to offer something in return.

A Tomorrow’s Forest campaign