Foienti Planting

The area is part of an oak forest on sand dunes in a Natura 2000 site, where regeneration is very difficult following mass drying of several plots. Reforestation works took place in 2007-2013 but some of the sites need to be completely redone while some need additional seedlings to be planted. The project includes land preparations, removal of stump and an irigations system will be tested in order to ensure succesful regeneration.

Owner: Berveni Village
Forest Management Unit: Asociația Salcâmul Ciumești
Production unit: III Foieni
Plot: 59 k and 59 A
Coordinates: 47°43’8.80″N, 22°19’52.70″E
Altitude: 116-138 metres
Exposition: –
Slope: 0-2°
Regeneration area: 2.9 hectares
Natural type of forest/site: 6114 / 8337
Regeneration formula: oak, ash
Time of removal of vegetation: > 5 years