Aita Seacă planting

This young beech forest was affected by fire in 2016 and a large part of remaining trees dried up or were taken down by wind. The Aita Seacă Commons mostly owns young forests, where sanitary and thinning cuts are done, thus getting firewood for the local community and just enough revenue to cover forest management costs. The area affected by fire in 2016 was 9 hectares, 4 of which have already been planted and the remaining 5 hectares are being planted with Tomorrow’s Forest support.

Owner: Aita Seacă Commons
Forest management unit: Hatod
Production unit: 14 Aita Seacă
Plot: 10A
Coordinates: 46° 1’56.91″N, 25°44’27.67″E
Altitude: 850 metres
Exposition: S
Slope: 30°
Regeneration area: 5 hectares
Natural type of forest/site: 4114 / 4420
Regeneration formula: 60 beech, 30 spruce, 5 sycamore, 5 ash
Time of removal of forest vegetation: 2016