Bucin planting

This area was affected by wind fall more than ten years ago and the natural regeneration is partial, consisting of hazel. Going back to the normal forest composition in a natural manner is very difficult in this case, thus the land needs to be cleared and planted.

Owner: 5 individuals
Forest management unit: Gheorgheni
Production unit: I
Plot: 634 A, B, E, F and 641 A
Coordinates: 46°39’27.73″N, 25°23’5.08″E
Altitude: 850 metres
Exposition: SE
Slope: 26-28°
Regeneration area: 2.4 hectares
Natural type of forest/site: 1341/ 3322
Regeneration formula: 6 spruce, 3 larch, 1 beech
Time of removal of forest vegetation: > 10 years