Jigodin 1 planting

The area was affected by wind fall in 2015 and 2017 and it has a few regeneration clusters. The Jigodin Commons’ forest was affected by wind fall years in a roll, which depleted the allowed harvest volume for the decade. The procedure to extract the trees taken down by wind involved derogations issued by the Ministry of Water and Forests, which is why the wood staid in the forest for over a year, it degraded and lost part of its value. The owner maintained the regeneration fund at the forest management unit but the funds are insufficient for the reforestation works.

Owner: Jigodin Commons
Forest management unit: Miercurea Ciuc
Production unit: I Jigodin
Plot: 8G
Coordinates: 46°19’8.52″N, 25°46’14.83″E
Altitude: 1,000 metres
Exposition: SE
Slope: 28°
Regeneration area: 2.2 hectares
Natural type of forest/site: 1241/ 3332
Regeneration formula: 10 spruce
Time of removal of forest vegetation: 2017