Mărișel planting

A thousand hectares of forest owned by the Mărișel Village Hall were affected by wind fall in September 2017, over a hundred hectares of which need to be planted completely. Income from wood extracted following the wind fall is insufficient for the necessary reforestation works and Tomorrow’s Forest helps regenerate a 9 hectares area.

Owner: Primăria Comunei Mărișel
Forest management unit: Horea Apuseni
Production unit: 1 Mărișel
Plot: 14A
Coordinates: 46°38’39.60″N, 23° 2’27.00″E
Altitude: 1,200 metres
Exposition: W/ NW
Slope: 8-16°
Regeneration area: 9 hectares
Natural type of forest/site: 1111/2220
Regeneration formula: 9 spruce, 1 larch
Time of removal of forest vegetation: 2017