Căuaș planting

This oak forest installed on sand dunes, within Natura 2000 site ROSPA0016 Câmpia Nirului – Valea Ierului, suffered mass drying and mainly shrub remains. This is the second plot we restore in this body of forest and the owner covers 38% of the reforestation costs.

Owner: Căuaș Village

Forest management unit: Codrii Sătmarului

Production unit: U.P. I Comuna Căuaș

Plot: 44C

Coordinates: 47°43’30.52″N, 22°17’58.49″E

Altitude: 130 metres

Exposition: –

Slope: 0°

Regeneration area: 0.8 hectares

Natural type of forest/site: 6114/ 8337

Regeneration formula: oak, ash

Time of removal of forest vegetation: > 5 years