Dumbrăvița 3 planting

The forest area was deforested 60 years ago to expand pastures. The land use was changed back to forest in 2010 and the village hall planted 16 hectares of sessile oak and ash in 2016-2017. In 2018 we planted 10 hectares here (50,000 seedlings – oak, maple, ash). In 2019 we continued with another 10 hectares. In 2020, the owner can cover 10% of the reforestation works.

Owner: Dumbrăvița Village

Forest management unit: Regia Publică Locală a Pădurilor Măieruș

Production unit: Perimetrul Forestiera Mare Vlădeni

Coordinates: 45°45’15.31″N, 25°19’54.33″E

Altitude: 585-610 metres

Exposition: S

Slope: 10-15°

Regeneration area: 10 hectares

Natural type of forest/site: 5314/ 5152

Regeneration formula: sessile oak, ash, sycamore maple

Time of removal of forest vegetation: > 5 years