Sântimbru 5 planting

The area was affected by windfall in 2017. There is no natural regeneration and the plot is covered by thick tall grass. The owner can cover 20% of the reforestation works.

Owner: Sântimbru Commons

Forest management unit: Miercurea Ciuc

Production unit: U.P. II Sântimbru

Plot: 51A, 52A

Coordinates: 46°15’50.46″N, 25°46’29.18″E

Altitude: 1030 – 1180 metres

Exposition: SE

Slope: 20-29°

Regeneration area: 1,5 hectares

Natural type of forest/site: 1114/ 2332

Regeneration formula: spruce, larch

Time of removal of forest vegetation: 2017