Sântimbru 6 planting

The area was affected by windfall in 2017 and part of it has been planted. There is no natural regeneration and the plot is covered by thick grass. The owner can cover 20% of the reforestation works.

Owner: Sântimbru Commons

Forest management unit: Miercurea Ciuc

Production unit: U.P. II Sântimbru

Plot: 33A, 33B

Coordinates: 46°16’15.97″N, 25°48’11.96″E

Altitude: 820 metres

Exposition: –

Slope: 4°

Regeneration area: 1,8 hectares

Natural type of forest/site: 1114/ 3332

Regeneration formula: spruce, sycamore maple

Time of removal of forest vegetation: 2017