The Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation plants Moldova’s Rally Forest

Romania’s rally cup – the Bacău Rally, now in its tenth edition, will take place between 24 and 25 October, 2020 in the Bacău county.

The Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation is a partner of the Rally Sprint Association, the organiser of the rally. To mark this partnership, the Foundation will plant ten hectares of degraded land in the spring of 2021, in the vicinity Târgu Ocna. The forest will be called the Forest of Moldova’s Rally.

“We do hope that, with the coming of spring, the context will allow us to involve the local community and the motor sports in planting the new forest,” says Ionuț Apostol, executive director of the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation.

Romania’s rally cup – the Bacău Rally takes place under the auspices of the Romanian Motorsports Federation. During the event, participants will cover about 110 km of special challenges, spared over two days. The tenth edition of Moldova’s Rally will uphold social distancing rules and will be closed to the public this time.