Maguri-Racatau 2 Planting

The Vidra Commune is in a difficult situation in terms of forest management because it has large areas to reforest. Much of the property (400 hectares) was affected by massive windfall in 2011, especially in the part situated in Cluj County.

Much of the windfall affected young forests, so there was no input in the regeneration fund. This plot was planted by the forest management unit, along with other plots in the area, but the regeneration failed.

Currently, there are patches of partial regeneration (both natural and artificial). The plot is part of the Natura 2000 site ROSCI 0233 Somesul Rece. Tomorrow’s Forest visited the Maguri-Racatau planting site in 2020, when 10 hectares were planted, and will continue in the same vein in 2021.

Maguri-Racatau 2 planting: Data box

Owner: Vidra Commune
Forest management unit: Abrud
Production unit: U.P. XII Comuna Vidra
Plot: 100A
Coordinates: 46°30’42.96″N, 23° 5’54.54″E
Altitude: 1500 metres
Exposition: NE
Slope: 15°
Regeneration area: 10 hectares
Natural type of forest/site: 1121/2312
Regeneration formula: spruce
Time of removal of forest vegetation: 2011

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