Targu Ocna Planting

The area to be reforested is a degraded pasture situated between the towns of Târgu Ocna and Slănic Moldova (Bacău County). The area was introduced into the forest fund and was planted with little success in 1989-1990. Since then it has been afflicted by massive landslides. The area was given back to the Obștea Salina Târgu Ocna in 2004, with a few spots of forest vegetation (beech, birch) along with hawhtorn and dog-rose.

Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation financed a pedostational study to determine the proper composition for the reforestation, and the proposed solution is in the approval circuit (there are differences to the forest management plan).

On this area, we will plant 75% pine and a 25% mix of ash, manna ash, sycamore maple, hornbeam, beech, cherry, birch and locust (as they are available in the nurseries). We hope to start in the fall of 2021.

Targu Ocna Planting: Data box

Owner: Obștea Composesorat “Salina” Târgu Ocna
Forest management unit: Târgu Ocna
Production unit: XI Salina
Plot: 77A
Coordinates: 46°18’43.56″N, 26°36’52.79″E
Altitude: 480-600 metri
Exposition: E
Slope: 33°
Regeneration area: 10 hectare
Natural type of forest/site: 4231/ 5232
Regeneration formula: 75% pine, 25% ash, manna ash, sycamore maple, hornbeam, beech, wild cherry, birch and locust
Time of removal of vegetation: > 5 ani

We help, we plant!

For every 5 lei you help with, we plant a tree. Donate 50 lei, we plant 10 trees for you! Donate 80, we plant 16! And so on.