Return to Dumbravita: Tomorrow’s Forest is growing on almost 40 hectares!

Return to Dumbravita: Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation continued in 2021 the reforestations around Dumbravita Commune (Brasov County), where a new forest is born, made of sessile oak, as hand sycamore maple. Between 2018 and 2019, 39 hectares were planted with help from the Foundation, and all planted areas are cared for until the trees form a canopy – when the forest can grow without further help from humans.

From the high hills surrounding Dumbravita (Brasov County), the forests were removed in the 1950s in order to expand the pastures. The areas were re-introduced into the forest fund in the early 2000s, but without funding for reforestation. The costs of establishing a forest on an area of this magnitude are very high. The Village Hall only managed to reforest 16 hectares until 2018.

Return to Dumbravita: we planted 9 more hectares this spring

But then, Tomorrow’s Forest stepped in and planted 10 hectares each year. Today, the reforested area of the commune reached 63 ha.

Zachiu Popa, primarul Comunei Dumbrăvița, este mândru că poate lăsa moștenire o pădure nouă.

It would be a great accomplishment for the commune to leave such a treasure to the next generation, a large forest,” says Zachiu Popa, Mayor of Dumbravita. “I am quite proud that we managed to plant 63 ha already and I want to thank the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation, and to everyone who took part in this endeavours, for their help.

On the Dumbravita site, Tomorrow’s Forest planted sessile oak, ash and sycamore maple. This year, 45,000 seedlings were planted.

Dumbravita is a special project for Tomorrow’s Forest,” says Ionut Apostol, executive director of the Foundation. “We return here for the fourth year in a row and we can see how beautiful the plantations from the past years are developing. The ash and sycamore maple are already more than 2.5 m high. Finally we can say it almost looks like a forest!

All Tomorrow’s Forest plantations are cared for until the trees form a canopy

Just like people, in the early years forests need more care. Freshly planted seedlings face competition from the surrounding vegetation in their struggle for water and light. This is why in the first few years special work is needed in order to protect them.

When the trees are big enough and their crowns touch, they form a canopy. The young trees are finally independent from human care.

Dumbravita is a happy example. Due to the local conditions, the way the ground was prepared prior to planting, and thorough care treatments, growth is sustained and even accelerated.

Plantațiile din anii anterior aproape arată a pădure.

Initial treatments of the forest take, usually, 6 to 7 years, before the trees form a canopy. Twelve months a year, hard work,” explains Florin Bordas, director of the FMU Maierus RA, who manages the young forest at Dumbravita. “This is a relatively easy area, the land preparation was performed to a very high standard. Therefore, we reach a canopy in about 5 years. This means the treatment costs are reduced, we can perform mechanized work. Tomorrow’s Forest has been with us since the very beginning, without their support we could not have got this area in such a short amount of time.

This autumn, Tomorrow’s Forest will plant yet another hectare. This will help study seedling behaviour in the beginning of the cold season.

Would you like to help, too? Join the contributors to the planting of Tomorrow’s Forest, and we plant for you! Donate for our project, and for every 5 lei you help with, we plant a tree. Donate 50 lei, we plant 10 trees for you! Donate 80, we plant 16! And so on.