In the first part of 2021, Tomorrow’s Forest grew by almost 30 hectares

Return to Dumbravita: we planted 9 more hectares this spring

Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation continued in 2021 the reforestation programme by planting more than 147,000 seedlings on 29.5 ha in several areas of Romania. For the autumn campaign, another 11 hectares are scheduled. Thus, before the end of the year, more than 80% will be completed of the initial objective – planting one million seedlings.

In the second year dominated by the Coronavirus pandemic, Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation regenerated during the spring campaign almost 30 hectares of forest land in several counties in Romania. Approximately 147,000 seedling were planted in Brasov, Harghita, Cluj, and Satu Mare counties.

“Tomorrow’s Forest grows with help from its friends. This year, like the year before, we could not organize volunteer planting activities because of the pandemic. But the important thing is that we are getting closer and closer to the one-million-seedlings target,” said Ionut Apostol, executive director of the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation.

This year, plantations regenerated difficult areas. Some of these are located on steep mountain slopes, at high altitudes (Maguri-Racatau, Voslabeni), yet others are on sandy soil, extremely hot and dry during the warm season (Foieni).

All Tomorrow’s Forest plantations are cared for until the trees form a canopy

Just like people, in the early years forests need more care. Freshly planted seedlings face competition from the surrounding vegetation in their struggle for water and light. This is why in the first few years special work is needed in order to protect them.

When the trees are big enough and their crowns touch, they form a canopy. The young trees are finally independent from human care.

Dumbravita (the commune in Brasov County) is a happy example. Due to the local conditions, the way the ground was prepared prior to planting, and thorough care treatments, growth is sustained and even accelerated. Thus, the treelings reach canopy stage in 4-5 years!

Return to Dumbravita
In Dumbravita, plantations from the previous years almost look like a forest!

Tomorrow’s Forest plants one million seedlings

Through its reforestation programme, Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation helps private owners, who lack the resources to carry out reforestation and forest maintenance on their deteriorated wooden lands. The Programme was developed in partnership with the Association of Forest Administrators and the University of Suceava.

The programme aims to plant one million seedlings. Forest maintenance and monitoring will continue for at least three years on each planting site, to ensure the young forest can grow naturally.

Since the launch of the Tomorrow’s Forest project in autumn 2017, more than 765,000 seedlings have been planted. The new forests cover 176 hectares on land in 9 counties spread across Romania.

Any private forest owner or administrative-territorial unit in Romania can apply for inclusion in the Tomorrow’s Forest reforestation programme. More information on how to apply is available here.