The pine forest in Targu-Ocna grows on 18 hectares

With help from community volunteers, the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation finalised the regeneration of a forested area of 18 hectares, located on the outskirts of Targu-Ocna, a small tourist resort in Bacau County. Last week, eight more hectares were regenerated, after the ten hectares planted in November 2021.

The area belongs to the “Salina” Composesorate in Targu-Ocna, the association of small forest owners who got back the lands owned by their ancestors between the two great wars. The land is a former pasture, heavily degraded, who was re-introduced in the forest fund to reconstitute the Composesorate’s ownership rights.

About thirty years ago, there had been attempts to regenerate the forest, but eroded, impoverished soil and intensive grazing heavily impacted the seedlings planted then.

On Saturday, April 2, about 100 community members joined the reforestation activity. Among them, students and teachers from the C. Negri National College, from the National School for Penitentiary Officers, from the local branch of the International Police Association, as well as volunteers from HS Baco Panels in nearby Comănești and numerous composesorate members.

“We’re glad we had a perfect weather today and we were joined by enthusiastic and active volunteers, a great many children and young people,” said Mihail Caradaica, executive director of the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation. “Step by step we get closer to our objective of a million seedlings planted, and we send a big thank you to our partners that have been at our side since the start of the project in 2017, the Association of Forest Administrators, the University of Suceava and HS Timber Group.”

In total, on the 18 hectares were planted 72,000 seedlings – a mix of pine (75%) and various broad leaf species (ash, sycamore maple, and beech).

To stop accidental grazing as well as wild herbivores, the entire site is protected by a fence, made of concrete posts and wire netting, more than 2.6 km long. The regeneration of the forested areas will be continued with careful monitoring and maintenance, until the canopy stage is reached – the stage when the crowns of the young trees touch each other, and they can develop independently of human intervention.

Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation plants a million seedlings

Within its reforestation programme, the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation provides support to small owners of forest fund areas with regeneration difficulties, who do not posses the resources needed to reforest their lands. The programme was developed together with the Association of Forest Administrators and the University of Suceava, with financial support from the HS Timber Group.

The objective of the programme is to plant a million seedlings. Maintenance works will continue for at least three years on each plantation, for successful settlement of forest vegetation.

Since the launch of the Tomorrow’s Forest project in late 2017, more than 797,000 seedlings have been planted on 186 hectares of land, in 9 Romanian counties.

Our planting sites will be open until early May. If you can’t make it and still want to help, you may want to consider a small donation – for every 2 Euros (10 lei) you donate, we plant a seedling in your name!