Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation has reached the target of one million seedlings planted

On Saturday, April 9, on the planting site at Dumbravita (Brasov County), Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation announced the target of one million seedlings planted was reached.

Together with more than 200 volunteers, Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation returned to Dumbravita for the fifth time in a row. The area planted in the Brasov County community grew 3 hectares this year around: between 2018-2022, 43 hectares were planted with more than 215,000 sessile oak, ash and sycamore maple seedlings.

The event was a milestone in the Foundation’s history.

Launched in 2017 as an initiative for assisting reforestation of areas with regeneration difficulties, with an objective of one million seedlings, Tomorrow’s Forest grew into a Foundation in 2019. After 41 planting sites completed in ten counties in Romania, the initial target was reached over the weekend near Brasov.

“With great pleasure I’m letting you know that today, in Dumbravita, we completed our initial objective of 1.000.000 seedlings planted,” said Mihail Caradaică, executive director of the Foundation. “This was possible thanks to all our volunteers and partners, to forestry professionals in the field and the University, as well as everybody who believed in us and lend us their support over the years.”

All seedlings will be cared for until the young forests reach the canopy stage

The reforestation programme of the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation was developed in partnership with the Association of Forest Administrators and the University of Suceava, with financial support from the HS Timber Group.

The programme was conceived as a response to the need for reforestation of areas with regeneration difficulties, owned by private owners or local administrations.

“In the forests managed by private management units, every year regeneration works are performed on about 4,000 hectares,” explained Dorel Fechete, executive director of the Association of Forest Administrators (AAP). “We launched Tomorrow’s Forest to address specific situations, where the owners lack, for various reasons, the capacity to regenerate their forests. There are no financial support mechanisms in place for these small owners.”

The AAP comprises 111 forest management units, tending for 1.4 million hectares of forestry fund (22% of the total forested area of Romania).

The selection and technical reforestation projects were supervised by the specialists from the Forestry Faculty, University of Suceava. Planting formulas aimed to re-establish the natural forest type in the area and each reforestation is followed by at least three years of specific maintenance works – until the young forests reach the canopy stage and become independent of human support.

“I believe that, if we really want to change something and it’s within our power, we shouldn’t just do it, we are obliged to do it,” said Ciprian Palaghianu, dean of the Forestry Faculty, University of Suceava. “This is true responsibility; you have to start somewhere. What start can be better than planting new seedlings, new lives that will become new forests in due time. It is our duty to today’s forests and the generations of tomorrow.”

Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation continues its programmes for sustainable forestry

Through its programmes, Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation will continue its reforestation activities and to promote sustainable forestry. “The main characters of the story of the first million seedlings are thousands of people who left a significant, positive impact on the environment,” says Mihail Caradaica. “It is a great honour and a great responsibility for us to write the next chapter of the story. We won’t stop here – we help, we plant where the need is greatest!”

A big, big thank you to our partners who provided the necessary energy and hydration for the volunteers: Cafeteca Magnolia, Zizin mineral water and Brainia – vitamin water.

Our planting sites will be open until early May. If you can’t make it and still want to help, you may want to consider making a small donation – for every 2 Euros (10 lei) you donate, we plant a seedling in your name!