Posaga 2022: Green gold in the Apuseni Mountains

Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation regenerated 6.5 ha in the Apuseni Mountains, Posaga commune (Alba county). With the help of community volunteers, 26,000 seedlings (spruce and larch) were planted on terrain heavily impacted by extreme weather conditions in recent years.

The first areas we regenerate in Alba County belong to the Sagagea Composesorate, the small forest owners’ association.

Situated at 1100-1600 m high on the mountain slope, the spruce forests have been weakened by climate change – great storms, huge amounts of water during the summers – and strong winds have felled the trees on significant areas.

“In 2021, in the neighbouring commune Ocolis, the weather station recorded 223 l per square meter in only five hours. It is way too much,” explains Mihail Negrea, head of the Muntele Mare Forest Management Unit. “The community could not bear the financial effort for reforestation. We thank Tomorrow’s Forest for their help and welcome them again, anytime!”

“The Poșaga case is an example of the challenges we face with the climate crisis,” says Mihail Caradaica, executive director of the Foundation. “Forest ecosystems are becoming vulnerable and weakening them will have disastrous impact on forest-dependent communities – as well as everybody else.”

Forest means life

For the planting event, we received help from about 50 local volunteers of all ages.

“Forest means life, especially for the people here,” says Cristina Calbaza, a young volunteer who came home specially for the event. “Posaga is where I grew up and I wish for the future to remain as I’ve known it since childhood. Forest, for me, is the future!”

“The forest is the green gold of the Apuseni highlanders,” says Vasile Betu. “This we’ve been taught, thus we’ve been raised: to fight for our mountains, to protect nature. Forest means power and continued life. That’s what forest means to me. Never-ending life.”

Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation planted one million seedlings so far

As part of its reforestation programme, Tomorrow’s Forest planted more than one million seedlings between 2017 and 2022. The programme was created in partnership with the Association of Forest Administrators and the University of Suceava, as a response to the urgent need to reforest areas belonging to small owners and local communities, areas with regeneration difficulties. The financial support of the programme was provided by HS Timber Group.

All reforestations aimed for the natural forest-type in the specific area and are followed by at least three years of maintenance forestry works – until the young forest can grow without help from people.

Our planting sites will be open until early May. If you can’t make it and still want to help, you may want to consider a small donation – for every 2 Euros (10 lei) you donate, we plant a seedling in your name!