In the first part of 2022, Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation planted more than 208,000 seedlings

Throughout a planting season stretching from March to early June, we planted 208,350 seedlings on 11 plots of forest land with regeneration difficulties in Alba, Bacau, Brasov, Cluj, and Harghita counties.

The planting season was closed on an even number: during the first five years, the count of reforested lands reached 50.

Moreover, the objective we announced in 2017 – to plant a million seedlings – was exceeded. Over the period, through the reforestation programme 1,005,730 seedlings were planted on no less than 242.8 hectares of land.

In 2022, more than 700 volunteers joined us

2022 brought another reason for joy: more than 700 volunteers of all ages took part in the planting events.

We were delighted to re-discover the happiness of volunteer events,” said Mihail Caradaica, executive director of the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation. “After two years of pandemic, when we tried to avoid all health risks, in 2022 we had hundreds of children and young people on the planting sites. We count ourselves lucky to have seen kids soiled to the top of their heads, rose cheeks and bright-eyed, singing to make the seedlings grow!

Târgu-Ocna (April 2022)

The four planting sites where we had volunteers were:

  • Targu Ocna (April, Bacau county): together with 100 volunteers from the community, we regenerated 8 ha of degraded former pastures. We planted pine (75%) and resistant hardwood species (25%)
  • Dumbravita (April, Brasov county): it was our fifth planting event at Dumbravita, and this year we returned with more than 200 volunteers. We planted three more hectares with sessile oak, ash and sycamore maple.
  • Vlahita (May, Harghita county): we celebrated the Fili days by regenerating 7 ha of forest fund, helped by more than 350 volunteers and music lovers.
  • Posaga (May, Alba county): in total we planted 6.5 ha on the slopes of the Apuseni mountains. On one of the sites we were joined by 50 volunteers of all ages from the community.

On the steep mountains at Maguri-Racatau (Cluj county), Toplita and Suseni (Harghita county) we only planted with teams of workers from forest services companies: long distance to accessible roads, difficult terrain and unpredictable weather made us refrain from public planting events.

We’ll tend the million seedlings until they grow into forests

In our vision, the reforestation programme is much more than planting seedlings.

During their early years, young treelings, just like animal babies, require care and nurturing. This is why our programme ensures all forestry works are performed to help the plantations reach the canopy stage – when the trees are grown enough so that their crowns touch means that they can continue growing without help from people.

It usually takes between five and nine years, and during this time, the foresters’ work is never done.

Vlăhița (May 2022)

The reforestation programme of the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation is developed in partnership with the Association of Forest Administrators and the University of Suceava, with financial support from HS Timber Group. The programme was conceived as an answer to the urgent need for reforestation of privately-owned areas of land that doesn’t regenerate naturally.

We also thank all our partners who supported this year’s planting activities: Aristos Developer, SupaDupa, Cafeteca, Zizin mineral water and Brainia vitamin water.

Our donors planted this year more than 1,200 seedlings: for every 10 lei (2 Euros) you donate, we plant a seedling. If you donate 50 lei (10 Euros), we plant 5. And so on! Support our reforestation programme: make a donation using the button.