The combination of thorough ground preparation work (scarification, plowing, disc trenching) and three days of rain? One of the most memorable planting events since the establishment of the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation to date!

It happened on April 1st and no, it wasn’t an April’s Fool joke.

Tomorrow’s Forest grows on 46 hectares in Dumbrăvița

The longest story we’ve been writing at Tomorrow’s Forest takes place in Dumbrăvița, in Brașov county.

For six years we have been planting on the lands of the commune, deforested in the middle of the last century to make way for pastures. Here we celebrated in 2022 the first million seedlings planted, and this year we continued with three more hectares. In total, there are over 230,000 young trees on the grounds!

“The species chosen for this area are sessile oak, ash and sycamore maple, species adapted to the high hills, that’s why they’re faring very well indeed,” says Mihail Caradaică, the executive director of the Foundation. “In the coming years we are expecting to see a beautiful forest here, to see that we have left something for the generations coming after ourselves!”

The planting came at an optimal time – a winter with a generous blanket of snow at the end, with ideal temperatures, and enough water in the soil to give the seedlings a great start. As on the other plantations in Dumbrăvița, the maintenance work will continue until the young forest reaches canopy state, when the trees are strong enough to grow by themselves, without human help.

Getting your hands dirty is a good thing 🙂

After a final wave of frost at the end of March, it rained almost non-stop in the week before planting. Despite the wet weather, which made it impossible to approach the assigned plots with cars, more than 150 volunteers participated in the action.

We all left the cars at the bottom of the hill that seemed to be sliding down with mud, and after a hot coffee and something sweet for good energy, we started uphill loaded with tools, almost half an hour’s walk. The seedlings were waiting for us.

As usual, the most excited were the children, infectious with their overflowing energy and courage to show all adults that… getting dirty is good!

Good for nature, good for the soul, good for everyone – because our work, like that of the foresters, means direct contact with the earth and soil from which the forest of tomorrow grows.

Echipa Hutchinson
Elevii Liceului Silvic Brașov

Old friends, new friends

Alongside us, as usual, the strategic partners from HS Timber came for the sixth time to Dumbrăvița. “We all came to support the project,” said Adrian Radu, director of the HS Timber factory in nearby Reci. “It’s a wonderful thing, and we hope our children will benefit from what we’re accomplishing today.”

But the afforestation and reforestation actions of the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation attract more and more friends every year, eager to help the forests to be reborn. This year, the volunteers from the Hutchinson factory in Cristian returned, joined by the members of the St. Nicholas Association. And several dozen students of the Forestry Highschool in Brașov had a field day with their teachers: they are the future foresters of the country, and they showed us that the forests are in very capable hands!

“We are happy to join the Tomorrow’s Forest campaign, it is the second year for us,” said Raul Gaitan from Hutchinson, who came accompanied by dozens of company volunteers. “We enjoy watching forests grow and actively participating in their growth, and we want to come again next year, or maybe even this year, if you invite us again!”

We also thank for their support our friends from Cafeteca Magnolia, Zizin and Brainia, who provided hot drinks and delicious snacks for the volunteers.

Consider making a small donation, and we’ll plant on your behalf!

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