The afforestation and reforestation programme is the most important tool through which Tomorrow's Forest Foundation actively contributes to the fight against climate change. Forests can help cool our planet, control rainfall on a continental scale, and are the best way to capture and store CO2 from the atmosphere. Tomorrow's Forest Foundation is actively working on the development and implementation of carbon storage projects.

In all the Foundation's afforestation and reforestation projects, planting activities are followed by maintenance and monitoring for at least three years to ensure successful establishment of forest vegetation. The main directions of action of this program are the following:

Afforestation & Reforestation

Support for owners of forest land with regeneration difficulties (natural disasters, degraded forest land)

  • Tomorrow's Forest Foundation aims to support owners who do not have the capacity to carry out regeneration works on their forest land.
  • Any private forest owner and administrative-territorial unit in Romania is eligible to receive funding;
  • Priority will be given to lands affected by natural calamities such as windfalls or forest fires.

Afforestation of abandoned pastures and degraded agricultural land

  • Tomorrow's Forest Foundation will acquire or collaborate with private owners and administrative-territorial units from Romania to afforest disused pastures and degraded agricultural lands, as well as their transition into Romania's forest fund.

Afforestation of unused land (without agricultural or forestry use)

  • In Romania there are 2 million ha of land without agricultural or forestry use;
  • Tomorrow's Forest Foundation will purchase or collaborate with private owners and with administrative-territorial units from Romania to afforest these areas, and to transfer them to the forest fund of Romania.

Carbon storage projects

  • ARR — Afforestation / Reforestation / Revegetation of unproductive agricultural lands;
  • IFM — Improving Forest Management (ERA — Extending the rotation age, Restoration — restoring the underpopulated forest, etc.);

Resilience to climate change

Planting urban forests

  • Urban forests and micro-forests offer a viable solution to the growing effects of climate change on cities. They can be planted on small areas, but the beneficial effects are innumerable (improved air quality, ten times faster growth or twenty times higher biodiversity);
  • Tomorrow's Forest Foundation wants to collaborate with public or private actors to increase the number of urban forests in Romania.

Support and development of agroforestry systems for the expansion of forests in the lowland area

  • Considering the waves of drought affecting crops and agricultural lands in the south and east of Romania, agroforestry systems have the role of stabilizing and fertilizing the soil, as well as increasing the degree of humidity. These aspects favor an increased agricultural production as well as a stabilization of soils in the face of the desertification process;
  • Tomorrow's Forest Foundation wants to promote this concept on a large scale in Romania and collaborate with specialized stakeholders to expand tree plantations in the lowland area.

Supplementing poorly regenerated forests with species of high biodiversity value

  • Structural reconstruction of insufficiently regenerated crops or monocultures with mixed, climate-resilient species, including fruit species (Mediterranean pine, edible chestnut, dogwood, cherry, hair/wild apple, rowan, elm, etc.).


planted seedlings







Map of planting sites

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