The Reforestation Programme

We help, we plant!

We succeeded in spring 2022: we managed to plant one million seedlings! But we don't stop here: would you like to lend us a hand?

The reforestation programme helps owners of forest land areas with regeneration difficulties that don’t have the resources needed for reforestation. Thhe programme is developed in partnership with the the Forest Administrators’ Association and the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava.

The project aims to plant one million seedlings in five years. Forest maintenance and monitoring activities will continue for at least three years, to ensure that the young forest vegetation grows naturally.

Forest regeneration generally takes place naturally without the need of external interventions. When this is not possible, the owner is legally bound to carry out reforestation activities. Usually, the planting costs are covered by a conservation and regeneration fund, set up by the forest administrator and owner, which accumulates revenues obtained from wood sales. But there are cases when forest owners cannot cover the reforestation costs, either because they have not harvested any wood or because they were restituted areas with regeneration difficulties. Tomorrow’s Forest comes to meet this need to help private owners regenerate their forest land.

The programme is developed around a concept and the selection of projects to be financed takes place by applying a methodology, whereby each project gets a score.

Projects analysed and pre-selected by the programme team are submitted to a programme advisory board by October 31st each year. The Foundation’s Board finally approves the list of projects based on the ratings and assessments and the associated budget by December 31st each year.

We planted so far
1,005,730 seedlings

242.8 hectares

50 planting sites

10 counties

Planting sites on the map

On the map below you can explore all plating sites we opened up since 2017.

Latest news in the Reforestation Programme

Plantatie Vacaresti

Vacaresti (Harghita)

Kőd Forest in the Văcărești / Csíkvacsárcsi (Harghita) area has had several windthrows in recent years, and the local  Composesorate is trying to revigorate it.

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Voluntari Dumbravita

Dumbravita 6

Dumbrăvița, a commune in Brasov county, is a special place for us. 💚 From 2018 til 2022 we planted no less than 43 hectares there.

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