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The project “Tomorrow’s Forest” helps private owners, who lack the necessary resources to carry out reforestation and forest maintenance on their deteriorated wooden lands.

If you need assistance, you can nominate also your forest plot. But before doing so, please consider the following information.

Within the project we will plant one million seedlings in forest areas with regeneration difficulties. “Tomorrow’s Forest” aims to support owners who do not have the capacity to carry out regeneration activities on their forest lands themselves.

Any private forest owner and administrative-territorial unit in Romania will be able to apply with reforestation proposals for inclusion in the project. The proposals can be submitted through or can be collected by the forest management units who are members of the Forest Administrators’ Association.

All planting projects will be analyzed by a team from the “Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava if they meet the eligibility criteria. All accepted planting project are then assessed based on a set of forestry and socio-economic indicators. These indicators follow compatibility with the European and international frameworks regarding reforestation actions, recommendations and provisions of forest certification schemes, and national technical regulations.

Based on the rankings, the reforestation projects will be selected and implemented, within the threshold of 200,000 seedlings per year. Projects that meet the eligibility criteria but are not selected in a first session will again compete with other projects in the following period.

Eligibility conditions:

  • Forest land with regeneration difficulties;
  • Private property (of individuals, legal entities and associative bodies) or property of administrative-territorial units (city halls, local councils, county councils);
  • The owner has a valid management or forest services contract with a forest management unit;
  • The owner agrees to allow access for “Tomorrow’s Forest” representatives on the planting areas, for field checks and verification of replanting results, including by means of aerial drones.

Planting will be done based on technical documentation, following the natural forest type. In the case of projects located within Natura 2000 sites, national and natural parks and other protected areas, planting will only be carried out with the consent of the administrator and of the relevant authorities.

The project will be carried out between 2018 and 2024 as follows:

  • 2018–2022: planting activities and forest maintenance
  • 2018–2024: forest maintenance

In order to register your property for one of the planting campaigns within the “Tomorrow’s Forest” project, please fill in the following fields.

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