Sustainable Forestry Programme

We support responsible forestry

Do you want to contribute? Do you have an idea that could work within our programme?

We support and develop projects and initiatives that contribute to sustainable forest management (including forest certification), wood traceability, low impact forestry, reforestation and protection of biodiversity-rich areas.

We support education, research, development and innovation in forestry and the wood industry by means of student projects, endowment of laboratories, projects and events.

The foundation invites forestry professionals and stakeholders to give input on the foundation’s programmes, propose projects and ideas how it could better target its interventions as well as to submit suggestions for skilled members of its programmes’ advisory board. We are searching for experienced persons (m/f) in the field of forestry, environmental protection and climate change, regional development, education, wood traceability. Please submit your ideas and suggestions by email at contact@padureademaine.

Latest news on responsible forestry

Stone pines under control!

We recently completed the annual control of the regeneration of the stone pines we planted last year in the Harghita-Mădăraș massif, and the results are

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