The Foundation runs four programmes:

  • the Reforestation Programme, targeting forest land with regeneration difficulties
  • the Community Development Programme
  • the Responsible Forest Management Programme
  • the Education Programme

The Reforestation Programme

The reforestation programme helps owners of forest land areas with regeneration difficulties that don’t have the resources needed for reforestation. The programme is developed in partnership with the the Forest Administrators’ Association and the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava.

The project aims to plant one million seedlings in five years. Forest maintenance and monitoring activities will continue for at least three years, to ensure that the young forest vegetation grows naturally.

Forest regeneration generally takes place naturally without the need of external interventions. When this is not possible, the owner is legally bound to carry out reforestation activities. Usually, the planting costs are covered by a conservation and regeneration fund, set up by the forest administrator and owner, which accumulates revenues obtained from wood sales. But there are cases when forest owners cannot cover the reforestation costs, either because they have not harvested any wood or because they were restituted areas with regeneration difficulties. Tomorrow’s Forest comes to meet this need to help private owners regenerate their forest land.

The programme is developed around a concept and the selection of projects to be financed takes place by applying a methodology, whereby each project gets a score.

Projects analysed and pre-selected by the programme team are submitted to a programme advisory board by October 31st each year. The Foundation’s Board finally approves the list of projects based on the ratings and assessments and the associated budget by December 31st each year.

The Community Development Programme

Our mission is to answer some of the community needs that aren’t met or are insufficiently covered by other types of organisations.

We support projects and initiatives in disadvantaged areas so as to bring improvements in community services – kindergartens, schools, institutions and housing for disadvantaged people, institutions for the elderly, emergency services, medical institutions, public buildings as well as community events.

We lay focus on kindergartens, schools and projects whose beneficiaries are children. We will develop a School in the forest type of programme for 2020.

Project applications are collected proactively by the foundation’s executive director and developed jointly between donors, foundation and the beneficiaries. The Board meets quarterly to discuss and approve applications under analysis in order to secure the alignment with the foundations principles.

The Responsible Forestry Programme

We support and develop projects and initiatives that contribute to sustainable forest management (including forest certification), wood traceability, low impact forestry, reforestation and protection of biodiversity-rich areas.

We support education, research, development and innovation in forestry and the wood industry by means of student projects, endowment of laboratories, projects and events.

The foundation invites forestry professionals and stakeholders to give input on the foundation’s programmes, propose projects and ideas how it could better target its interventions as well as to submit suggestions for skilled members of its programmes’ advisory board. We are searching for experienced persons (m/f) in the field of forestry, environmental protection and climate change, regional development, education, wood traceability. Please submit your ideas and suggestions by email at contact@padureademaine.

The Education Programme

Within our education programme, we explain the importance of forests for society. We try to bring children closer to nature, we organize courses and camps in the forests. We also create educational materials and programmes for all ages.

We launched innovative concepts, such as forestry workshops for children. Together with our partners from the University of Suceava we brought the repication workshops to elementary schools, and together with passionate and open forestry engineers we’re developing a concept called “Forest School”.