Mihail Caradaică

Executive Director

I am the Executive Director of the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation as well as a lecturer at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA). SNSPA is also my alma mater – I have degrees in Political Sciences (BA, MA and PhD).

I’m passionate about environmental policies and politics, as well as developing sustainable social and economic models that could lead to the harmonious co-existence of people and nature. I also have rich experience in project management and years of NGO activity.


Antonia Anton

Project Manager

I graduated the MA programme in Project Management from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) and I still find that every new project is a rewarding challenge, after three years working in the field.

I’ve joined the Tommorrow’s Forest Foundation with a desire to actively contribute to the preservation of Romania’s forests and to create an impact in environment protection and mitigating the effects of climate change.


Adrian Toma

Reforestation Programme Coordinator

I have been coordinating reforestation initiatives over the past two years in various NGOs and I strongly believe in the power of personal example and in the human capacity of acting and creating. At the same time, I believe that a lot of people with a just a little bit of effort can make great things together, just like a forest is created, seedling by seedling.


Irina Stoicescu

Partnership and Development Manager

I believe in the power of small teams to achieve constant and scalable business opportunities, with the help of processes and technology. The experience of the past 12 years in software sales and my passion for testing the latest technologies have helped me discover and develop validated methods to generate B2B opportunities and investments more effectively.

Tomorrow’s Forest represents for me the incarnation of a personal dream: to bring technology to support nature conservation efforts and to see the fruits of the seeds planted in the last decade of my career growing Romania’s new forests – literally.


Andreea Staicu

Social Media Specialist

Andreea Staicu is a vibrant and dynamic personality, known online as an influencer in the book segment (bookstagrammer), where she gained notoriety through inspiring reviews and recommendations, intended for literature lovers and not only. With an obvious passion for reading, Andreea managed to create a solid community of followers, guiding them to discover literary works for everyone’s taste. Her professional development led her to a role with the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation, where she now applies her expertise as a Social Media Specialist. Andreea combines her creativity and overflowing energy with a fun vision, contributing to the promotion and awareness of the importance of environmental protection and reforestation projects.


Ștefan Ionescu


I believe in the power of stories to change the world to the better – and into a greener world. At Tomorrow’s Forest I found the place where love of nature and people creates the most wonderful stories. I brought with me more than ten years experience in communications, from traditional media to new media and digital.


Governing Board

The Governing Board is the central governing body of the foundation

Michael Proschek-Hauptmann


Michael Proschek-Hauptmann is currently Head of Compliance and Sustainability at HS Timber Group and has been responsible for the compliance and sustainability agendas of the group since March 2017. Prior to his appointment at HS Timber Group, Michael Proschek-Hauptmann was managing director of the Austrian Umbrella Association of Environmental NGOs (Umweltdachverband) for more than eight years and also served as a long-standing member of the board of directors of the PEFCTM International forest certification label.

He is a biologist by training and has been actively involved in the environmental, NGO and sustainability fields right from the very beginning of his career. Being the chair of an expert network for charity foundations in Austria (viel.anthropie), he has special expertise in this field.

Florin Dumbravă

Vice President

Florin Dumbrava is a law graduate, experienced in public administration and not-for-profit organisations (Director of the Mures County Social Assistance and Child Protection Department, Area Manager at World Vision Romania), he has been working in the private sector the last 10 years, leading the legal department in several multinationals in different industries – retail, energy, wood processing.

Deucalion Hoștină


Deo Hostina studied business administration and he is experienced in the private sector, in several industries (media, telecom, consumer goods, the wood industry) as finance controller, analyst and finance manager.

He coordinates projects involving various resources at a national and multinational level.

Tibor-Sándor Kádár


Tibor-Sándor Kádár is a graduate of the Faculty of Forestry at the Transilvania University in Brașov and has been working in the field for 12 years, with a special focus on forestry, nature protection, biodiversity conservation, project management, sustainability and ecological education.

Tibor-Sándor Kádár is also a chain of custody auditor and forest management certification consultant.