We are Tomorrow's Forest Foundation.

We carry out afforestation and reforestation programmes, we support communities in forest areas, we finance responsible forestry and environmental education projects. During our first 5 years, we manage to plant more than a million young trees in Romania, enriching 39 communities and lending them support in the climate crisis.






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Our progress in 2024

During the Spring planting season of 2024, with support from our generous corporate partners, we managed to plant 17,000 seedlings on 4 hectares of forest land, as well as 2 tiny school forests.

The communities from Gheraseni, Buzau, and Spring, Alba, are now richer in forests that will protect them from the effects of the climate crisis, that will heal their soil and groundwaters, that will provide their children and grandchildren with wood for homes and heating.

At the same time, students from Bucharest and Prejmer will breathe a cleaner air on school grounds and will be able to learn about forest species, forest biodiversity, in their real-life, full-size, open-air “laboratory”

But this is only chapter I of our 2024 season – in the coming Autumn, we intend to plant even more!

Seedlings planted: 17,000 / 60,000
Tiny forests: 2/5

Our goals for the current year:

  • 60,000 seedlings planted
  • 5 tiny forests on school grounds
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Every seedling we plant together is a chance for a greener, brighter future: but in large numbers the forests will protect the air, the waters, and the soil for generations to come!

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1,000 – 10,000 seedlings

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11,000 – 25,000 seedlings

Golden Tree

>26,000 seedlings

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