The first planting with volunteers of the 2024 season took place near Buzau, in Gheraseni. More than a decade ago, the town hall started an extensive afforestation project on communal degraded land – a total area of approximately 80 ha.

Oak, ash, sycamore maple, and oleaster seedlings were initially planted in the perimeter where the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation intervened.

But the saline soil and persistent drought of the past four years have killed most of the saplings planted in the western part of the range. Only the oleasters and some of the shrubs that appeared spontaneously survived.

The area was supposed to be forest, but because of the climate change, the trees did not survive. The entire region was heavily affected by the drought,” explains Mihail Caradaică, the executive director of the Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation. “The forest we plant will protect agricultural crops from extreme phenomena such as very strong winds, drought and continuous soil degradation.

We help, we plant! 2024 edition

On a perfect day, sunny and with a light wind, we planted 9,000 seedlings on 2 hectares of the land, together with about 100 volunteers. We chose Pennsylvania ash, a hardy and robust species that supports biodiversity and regenerates the soil.

We had with us 50 students of the Forest Technology High School “Dr. Nicolae Rucăreanu” from Brașov, together with their teachers, and almost as many volunteers from the community and friends of the Foundation.

I think the event is very well organized,” Andra, a Foundation volunteer, told us. “Planting here, I learned all kinds of interesting things about forests, about tree species, what and how to plant. I’m definitely going home richer!

Andra was born in Buzău county and found out about Tomorrow’s Forest after we planted in autumn in Breaza.

Where I go home, the forest caught fire and burned. I suffered a lot,” Andra tells us. “When I found out you were planting in the area, I was like, ‘OK, maybe I can’t bring back that forest, but I can at least bring in some more seedlings!’

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A warm thanks for the help to our friends from Smart Aventura Park Buzău, Silvamont SRL and Chivaran Com. The event would not have been possible without the support of our partners, HS Timber Group and Brink’s Romania .

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